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PhotoPager for iPad

PhotoPager v1.0

PhotoPager app for iPad makes it easy to create themed photo collages for slideshows and photo books to share online with family & friends. Instead of taking hours to create each scrapbook page, it only takes a few minutes to create an entire photo book with PhotoPager’s easy-to-use organizer, and built-in page layouts and themes.

PhotoPager imports photos from Facebook and saved photos on the iPad. Pages can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter. You can export an entire photo book to a Facebook album or order a printed photo book through integrated Printzel service.

For iPad with Retina Display

PhotoPager v1.0 Screenshots

EZ Tripper – Auto Mileage Tracker App

EZ Tripper App Icon

EZ Tripper is our first business/utility app in the App Store. We focused on a core feature set and ease of use for a quick release of v1.0. About 2 months later, we released v2.0 to include significant upgrades based on user feedback and a more polished look & feel.

In early Nov, 2013, we released v3.0 with support for iOS 7, as well as features and tweaks based on user feedback.

For iPhone and iPod Touch

EZ Tripper v3.0 Screenshots

EZ Tripper v2.0 Screenshots

EZ Tripper v1.0 Screenshots

Super Match – Educational Game for Kids

Super Match Game Icon

Super Match is a simple card game in the App Store. It has simple animation, sound effects, and HD graphics for themed backgrounds and different “decks” of cards. You can choose the level of difficulty and # cards to play (options vary based on deck and device screen size).

For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Super Match v1.0 Screenshots (iPad)

Super Match v1.0 Screenshots (iPhone)

Case Study – WordPress Site Enhancement

The following are “before” vs. “after” screenshots for an existing WordPress site with expert content. We did a design review for the site and proposed some changes (creating a custom WP theme, back-end setup/fine-tuning, plugins, etc.) to improve the site’s look & feel, usability, search engine optimization, content and layout. Some changes for SEO and fixing problems with WP plugins are not visible, but the UI improvements as well as changes to content and layout are shown below.

“Before” Screenshots

“After” Screenshots

Other Web Dev Work

Note: due to non-disclosure agreements and the confidential nature of some corporate contracts, we cannot show prototypes for start-up ventures and our custom work on corporate intranet websites.

  • Implemented custom branding and site templates for SharePoint websites to given specification.
  • Designed and developed some custom SharePoint templates for sale.
  • Built niche content websites (PHP, WordPress, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX) for affiliate marketing, with integrated opt-in form, email marketing, and ad serving and link tracking system.
  • Designed and developed mySQL database, JSON web service, and metrics dashboard & analytics with graphs and charts for a Facebook game.
  • Designed and prototyped web application to enable design contests for marketing cause merchandise.

Play Match – Fun iPhone Game for All Ages

Play Match game icon

Play Match is a simple memory game designed to be fun for all ages. We took our learning from Super Match and made it simpler and more playable for all ages, launched with 6 decks for v1.0 and playable at 3 levels (Easy, Medium, Hard) for each deck.

Note: we collaborated with a UX designer who designed the game flow and produced the graphics for this game.

For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (in iPhone mode)

Play Match v1.0 Screenshots (iPhone)

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