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EZ Tripper v4.0 Released in App Store – Runs on iOS 10 & iOS 11


EZ Tripper Mileage Tracker v4.0 has been approved by Apple and is available in the App Store. You can download EZ Tripper v4.0 for FREE and use it on your iPhone or iPad (in iPhone simulator mode).

We updated the app to run on iOS 10 and iOS 11 because we have heard from so many users how much they liked it and want to continue using it into the future.

If you are still on iOS 10, then it is suggested you back up your phone data first via iTunes. Then update to iOS 11, and finally, install EZ Tripper v4.0.

If you want to communicate with us via the app, open the About tab and click Contact Us. It will email us directly and I’ll respond quickly.

Thanks for your support and let us know if you have any suggestions or comments on how we can make EZ Tripper even better.

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EZ Tripper – Working on Update to Support iOS 11

We are currently working on an update for EZ Tripper to support iOS 11. We expect the new version to be in the app store in about a month.

Thank you for your support while we update the app to support the latest version of iOS.

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November 2013 App Showcase Notes

For November iOS Developers Group partnered with Tech in Motion OC and Real Office Centers to jointly host a large event called Demos, Drinks and Discussion with Mitch Lowe. There was a great turnout of around 300 people.

Event photos Event Photos




Event Organizers

Special Thanks

Sherrill Overfield for taking pictures and organizing the food distribution

Boris for getting there early to setup and staying late for tear down.

Lily Leung from the OC Register for the interview with Mitch.
Netflix co-founder goes back to the mailbox

Pat Ryan from ROC and Elizabeth and Brittani from TiM for co-organizing the event.

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EZ Tripper v3.0 Screenshots

EZ Tripper App Icon

EZ Tripper version 3.0 has been released to the App Store. See screenshots below, taken from iPhone Simulator.

iPhone with 4-in. Retina Display

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EZ Tripper v3.0 Released in App Store

EZ Tripper App Icon

Just want to let you all know that EZ Tripper Auto Mileage Tracker v3.0 has been approved and available in the App Store: you can download EZ Tripper v3.0 for FREE now and use it on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (in iPhone simulator mode).

We have updated the app to make it work better with iOS 7, while retaining most of the look & feel of v2.0. There are also bug fixes and tweaks based on your feedback and suggestions. Most importantly, we added 20 FAQ’s so you can find answers to common questions without leaving the app.

With the new Notifications tab in EZ Tripper v3.0, you can hear from us about updates and other news without leaving the app. You can continue to send us feedback without leaving the app with the new Feedback Form. Best of all, we can now respond to your questions (if you provide your email address on the feedback form) as well. Our response to your questions will show up in Notifications tab, along with general updates or news announcements.

Due to time allocated to support iOS 7, we weren’t able to add other major features in this release. However, please continue to support us and let us know what you think (through in-app feedback and App Store reviews/comments).

Note: Your existing trips data should remain after the app update, but it’s a good idea to export all your trips and locations as a backup before updating the app, just in case.

Also, some users reported losing trip data while using v2.0 of the app. We believe this was a memory access problem that should be fixed in v3.0. Please continue to report any problems you experience so we can resolve them as quickly as we can.

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October 2013 App Showcase Notes

We had a full meeting this month, both in attendees and demos. There were 5 app demos plus a UX review of an app and we even finished 4 minutes early.



Raffle for free Fitness Super Pass won by Erin.

Special Thanks

Boris who ran most of the event.

Sean for setting up chairs.

Pat and Lauren from ROC

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PhotoPager v1.0 iPad Screenshots

PhotoPager v1.0

PhotoPager v1.0 has been released to the App Store. Because of the limited number of screenshots allowed in the App Store listing, we have included more v1.0 screenshots below, taken from iPad Simulator running iOS 7.

iPad with iOS 7

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PhotoPager v1.0 for iPad Available in App Store!

PhotoPager v1.0

We just published our first photo app, PhotoPager v1.0 for iPad, available for download now from the App Store.

We built PhotoPager for busy people like us, who enjoy custom photo creations but don’t want to spend countless hours on each project. It is designed for quick and easy scrapbooking, when you want to build attractive photo pages in minutes, not hours. The user interface is simple, attractive, fun and easy to use.


  • Create collages, photo books and slideshows in minutes!
  • Select from dozens of pre-designed themes and layouts for each page
  • Most layouts and themes are FREE (some layout and theme packs are available for in-app purchase)
  • Import your pictures from Facebook or Saved Photos on your iPad
  • Share & print your creations via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Printzel
  • Works on the iPad running iOS 6.1+ or iOS 7.

For more details, check the App Store listing for PhotoPager v1.0 or see iPad screenshots.

Thanks to all beta testers and others have given us useful feedback and suggestions for the app – their names are listed in the “About” section under Settings. We appreciate your feedback and will look for ways to incorporate it in future updates and releases.

Please check it out and let us know what you think!

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EZ Tripper – Lost All Trips?

EZ Tripper App Icon

We have recently heard from EZ Tripper users that they lost all trips when launching the app and asked us how to get them back. We are very surprised to hear about this issue and are currently investigating the cause.

We’re not sure if this problem coincides with updating to iOS 7 on these users’ devices. Please help us resolve this by commenting on this post with more details if you have encountered this problem. We’d like to know what actions were taken on the device prior to having this problem and generally what changed since EZ Tripper was working last time.

For current users of EZ Tripper: please be advised to export your trips frequently as a backup.

We’re currently working on an update for iOS 7 for EZ Tripper, so hopefully we’ll resolve this problem soon with the app update.

Thank you for your support and we apologize if you have experienced this issue. We’ll try our best to find a way to recover any lost data.

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September 2013 App Showcase Notes

Another good event this month at the iOS Developers meetup .


  1. Paul Pacun – Vablet and Helpshift
  2. Alison – Foundersuite
  3. Donald – Wine Ph.D.
  4. David – PhotoPager


Startup funding website what was mentioned Gust

Entrepreneur magazine Impact Magazine

Foundersuite use promo code “AppShow” for 3 free months.

PhotoPager SDK integration list:

  • AppsFire
  • Printzel
  • Chartboost
  • Flurry
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Upcoming Education Classes

Build Prototypes and Mobile Apps the Easy Way with BuzzTouch

iOS 7 Programming with XCode 5 – A Primer

Special Thanks

Boris and Linus for help organizing this event.

Pat and Lauren from ROC.

The setup, tear down, and clean up “volunteers.

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