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About Us

Our development process is distinguished by thorough requirements analysis and documentation, meticulous project management and effective communication to stake holders, delivery on realistic schedules and milestones, sound software design and development practices, and upfront value pricing to clients.

We develop software applications on multiple platforms based on client needs. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your software project.

About the Founder

The founder of InnoWave Studio is David Overfield, who has 15 years of experience developing software projects both large and small, in structured corporate environments as well as flexible startup environments.

David Overfield
David Overfield is a business analyst and project coordinator who started his corporate software career in quality assurance. David pioneered the concept of “building quality in” from the design stage of software development and led feature teams in refining requirements, verifying design, as well as optimizing for end user experience. As a business analyst and project coordinator, David brings his visionary ideas, leadership skills, as well as the ability to quickly understand and absorb business and technology contexts. David is known for his thorough analysis of data and intuitive projections of trends, often raising important questions and insights missed by others.

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