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EZ Tripper – Lost All Trips?

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We have recently heard from EZ Tripper users that they lost all trips when launching the app and asked us how to get them back. We are very surprised to hear about this issue and are currently investigating the cause.

We’re not sure if this problem coincides with updating to iOS 7 on these users’ devices. Please help us resolve this by commenting on this post with more details if you have encountered this problem. We’d like to know what actions were taken on the device prior to having this problem and generally what changed since EZ Tripper was working last time.

For current users of EZ Tripper: please be advised to export your trips frequently as a backup.

We’re currently working on an update for iOS 7 for EZ Tripper, so hopefully we’ll resolve this problem soon with the app update.

Thank you for your support and we apologize if you have experienced this issue. We’ll try our best to find a way to recover any lost data.

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6 Comments » for EZ Tripper – Lost All Trips?
  1. John Belile says:

    Lost all trips and almost all locations on 10-17-2013. Two locations with the word “Home” in their name stayed. Was doing nothing … trips were there in the morning gone in the afternoon !

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your comment and we’re sorry for the problem.

      Please tell us what version of EZ Tripper and what version of iOS is installed on your device.

  2. John Belile says:

    When the “Trips” disappeared on 10/17/2013 … I was using a iPhone 4 running IOS 7.0.2 and EZ Tripper ver 2.0

    • admin says:


      Please update to v3.0 from App Store and see if your trips show up.

      Let us know thru in-app feedback if you experience any issues.

      Thank you.

  3. admin says:

    We’re almost ready to submit EZ Tripper v3.0 to the App Store. Hopefully it will fix the “trips disappearing” problem some users have with v2.0. Looks good so far in our testing with v3.0.

  4. admin says:

    To all users of EZ Tripper v2.0 who have “lost” trips:

    Please export any data you have left (as backup) and then update to v3.0 from App Store (without deleting v2.0 first to make sure any app data stays in tact).

    Let us know thru in-app Feedback Form if you experience any issues.

    Thank you for your support and we hope this issue is fixed in v3.0

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