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EZ Tripper: How to Insert a Prior Trip

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Sometimes you may want to insert a trip you forgot before a trip you have entered. This is easy to do — see the step-by-step instructions and two simple requirements below.

Steps to Insert a Prior Trip

  1. On the Trips tab, tap to edit the trip you want to insert a trip prior to.
  2. Now on the “Edit Trip” view, click the Insert Prior Trip button (upper left in the Trip Navigation Toolbar).
  3. A prior trip (placeholder) is now inserted before the trip you first viewed. Now you can edit this trip with the real locations, date/time, and distance.

Requirements to Insert a Prior Trip

There are two requirements that must be met for EZ Tripper to allow a prior trip to be inserted.

  1. There must be a date/time gap of at least 1 minute from the trip you have open and the trip before that one.
  2. There must be a distance gap of at least 1 unit (mile or KM).

Note: if there is not a gap in time AND mileage, the Insert Prior Trip button will be disabled. If this is the case, you can edit the “surrounding” trips first to create a gap if needed.

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