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EZ Tripper: How to Fix Trip Data

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EZ Tripper tracks trips in sequence for both mileage and date/time to ensure your data is always valid.

Sometimes you may want to “fix” the trip data so that you can fix an entry with incorrect mileage or date.


Adjust oldest trip first.

Fix the oldest incorrect entry first.  Note both the mileage and date/time can be adjusted to the correct values. Then proceed forward in time and mileage correcting each entry until all the data is correct.

Tip: use the Trip Navigation Bar with the “<<" and ">>” buttons to go to Previous and Next Trips while in Edit Trip view.

Delete trips.

Sometimes the easiest way to fix trips where you entered data incorrectly is to just delete the inaccurate entries and re-enter them.

To delete a trip, go to Trips list view and swipe sideways on the trip row you want to delete. A red Delete button will show up and just tap it to delete the trip.

Note: if you want to re-enter a trip after deleting it, you’ll use either the “Insert Prior Trip” button while in Edit Trip mode, or “+” (Add New Trip) button. The difference is “+” always assumes you’re adding the most recent trip, while Insert Prior Trip lets you insert into a “gap” in your trips history.

Insert Prior Trips

Use the Insert Prior Trip features to fill in gaps (at least 1 unit in mileage and 1 min. in trip start time).  From the list of trips, select a trip so that you are now on the Edit Trip screen for the trip AFTER the one you want to insert.  If there is a gap in mileage (and date/time), the Insert Prior Trip button in the top Trip Navigation Bar will be active.  Press this button to create a trip that fills the gap, then edit the trip to fill in the correct info.

Keep in mind that EZ Tripper does mileage and date/time validation for you.  It won’t allow you to enter trips with overlapping mileage or dates.  This saves you from having to worry about entering a trip that conflicts with prior trips.

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