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New Features in EZ Tripper v2.0

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We will release v2.0 of EZ Tripper – Auto Mileage Tracking app very soon. We have listened to your suggestions (via in-app submission) and incorporated many of them in v2.0. See below for some exciting new features and tweaks we added.

New Look!

You’ll notice a departure from the “plain Jane” look of v1.0. EZ Tripper 2.0 now has custom colors, backgrounds, HD graphics and customized UI elements that we hope add to your enjoyment when using this app.

There are also usability improvements and tweaks throughout the app.

Multi-Vehicle Support (Premium Feature)

We recognize that some users need to track trips in multiple vehicles. We decided to keep the app FREE and create Multi-Vehicle Support (MVS) as a premium feature, available via in-app purchase.

With MVS enabled, you can:

  • Access Vehicles list management to add, edit and delete a vehicle.
  • Track trips in selected vehicle.
  • Export trips in selected vehicle.

Trips Tab


We’ve added a “dashboard” toolbar to show # trips and current odometer reading in list view.

Multiple Entry Methods

Now you can have it both ways: in addition to using the improved Odometer Picker to set starting or ending mileage, you can use the number keypad to enter starting/ending odometer.

By the way, trip distance is editable in v2.0, so if you edit trip distance, the ending odometer will be recalculated accordingly.

Estimated Distance

When entering a new trip, you can see estimated distance between the chosen locations. With one tap you can set the new trip to use estimated distance.

Enhanced Trip Navigation Toolbar

If you’re editing the most recent trip, you can add a new trip without leaving Edit Trip view using Trip Navigation Toolbar.

Settings Tab

You can access and enable premium features (e.g. Multi-Vehicle Support).

Set default From / To locations to use in new trips — which was harder to access in v1.0. We’ve also added an option to use previous trip’s ending location (if available) to start a new trip — default behavior is YES (matching v1.0 behavior).

You can enable/disable “auto estimate” feature — when enabled, a new trip’s distance will be automatically filled in based on estimate (if available).

Export Tab

We’ve added a category filter so that you can export only trips in one category (e.g. Business) or all categories (v1.0 behavior).

Another date range option “Last Week” is added for your convenience. Also, the app will memorize last selected date range.

If you have Multi-Vehicle Support enabled, you can select which vehicle to export trips for.

The email sent with exported data will describe your filter settings and result.

Misc. Improvements

  • Help & tips provided during data entry.
  • Access to News and Help (FAQs), as well to Rate the app in About tab.
  • Case insensitive sorting by name in Locations list and Vehicles list (with Multi-Vehicle Support enabled).
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